Environmental Factors and Sustainability

Environmental Factors

Wood and wood based products are non-toxic, renewable, reusable, recyclable, organic, biodegradable and wood is the only structural building material grown naturally by the sun. Mature trees that are used for timber frame buildings are allowed to grow for at least 60 years therefore also reducing carbon dioxide from the air and emitting oxygen.

Although worldwide deforestation remains a headline issue, the softwood producing coniferous forests of the Northern hemisphere which supply all of the items used in the UK production of timber frame, are effectively well managed 'tree farms'. Because tree farms are managed to enhance rapid growth, they also tend to sequester carbon quicker than unmanaged forests.

Learn about the environmental factors associated with timber frame houses and constructions
Learn about the sustainability of timber frame houses and constructions


In recognition of responsibilities to the environment, our customers and suppliers, DG Timber Solutions is committed to procuring its timber from legal, well-managed and independently verified sources. We recognise that the impartial, third-party certification of forests and the supply chain is the optimal way of gaining assurances that the timber we trade originates from sources that are trusted and legitimately sustainable.

We source our raw materials from certified suppliers wherever possible and actively encourage and support all of our suppliers to go through the certification process to help increase the volume of certified traded material. Where Chain of Custody Certification (COC) is unavailable, as a minimum standard we will not procure timber prohibited under Appendix 1 of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES).

Taking the above in to account we are proud to have achieved  Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC) and Chain of Custody Certification (COC) for the whole range of products we manufacture and supply.

COC Policy

PEFC Certification


Certified Passivhaus or Built to Passivhaus Standards

Where sustainability is at the core of a project, DG Timber Solutions is able to provide solutions to ensure Passivhaus construction standards, certified or otherwise, and low U-values are met. We are an approved stockist and distributor of Metsä Wood’s timber products, which are ideal to use for Passivhaus construction due to their low thermal conductivity. Read more about Metsä Wood’s Finnjoists, Kerto Q and Kerto S engineered timber products as well as its I-Joist Flooring Systems on our Metsä Wood page.

Learn about the Passivhaus and low U-values in timber frame houses and constructions