Metsä Wood Stockist


Metsä Wood I-Joist and timber frame product stockist based by Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Buckinghamshire

As an approved stockist and distributor of Metsä Wood we are able to provide I-Joist Flooring Systems.

  • Spans greater distances than normal timber joists
  • Removal of load bearing walls through design process
  • Quicker installation time
  • Eliminates shrinkage, twisting and warping
  • Increases joist spacing
  • Service holes easily cut or drilled

Additionally, Metsä Wood’s Finnjoists, Kerto Q and Kerto S engineered timber products are ideal to use for Passivhaus construction due to their low thermal conductivity. Our close relationship with the specialists at Metsä Wood allows us to provide solutions to ensure Passivhaus construction standards, certified or otherwise, and low U-values are met.

  • Finnjoists are I-joists made from Metsä Wood’s own Kerto laminated veneer lumber. They provide ideal strength to weight rigidity in any wall, floor, or roof construction.
  • Working with MHR&V system providers, Metsä Wood’s superb 3D modelling allows for pre-formed pipe runs to suit the joist layout
  • Kerto S beams perfectly complement  Finnjoists, providing supporting strength in both spanning and point loaded situations
  • Kerto Q, with its superb dimensional stability, allows the Metsä Wood range to provide answers to many of the challenging situations faced by Passivhaus buildings designers

With this core group of products, along with the expertise of the Metsä Wood technical team, we can meet the challenges that project professionals and their clients face when building to Passivhaus criteria or require the ultimate engineered wood floor strength and stability.