Benefits of Timber Frames

Learn about the benefits of using a timber frame for building houses and other constructions

Components can be manufactured in our factory to the degree where a house can be erected to a watertight shell in as little as 48 hours after delivery to site.

Our timber frame structures, and the speed with which they can be erected, will allow you to:

  • Reduce site preliminary costs
  • Improve cash flow and increase profit margins
  • Respond to the market more quickly, by enabling a rapid “build to order” site operation. It should be no surprise to learn that some national house builders have opted to build their show homes in timber frame for speed and have gone onto use this method across their sites
  • With timber frame components delivered on a “just in time” basis, building sites are easier to maintain and keep tidy

Not only is the process of on-site erection rapid and straightforward, a number of other benefits emerge from employing timber frame structures:

  • Reduced dead loads and consequent reductions in foundation costs allows marginal sites to be developed
  • Timber frame structures afford exceptionally high standards of insulation, with less impact on valuable living space and building footprints
  • Architect’s Autocad drawings are compatible with the latest CAD/CAM Timber Frame design software so the lead-in time from approved timber frame design to manufacturing can be reduced to hours
  • Construction is not adversely affected by poor weather conditions
  • Snagging and maintenance costs are substantially reduced due to ‘dry’ construction, and now with the common use of “engineered wood” in floors, the need for follow on trades to make allowances for shrinkage has largely disappeared
  • Low U-values, certified Passivhaus and a build meeting Passivhaus standards can all be achieved by using timber frames thanks to the low thermal conductivity of materials